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Aesthetic Dentistry


A white smile is the dream of millions of people. However, not everyone can boast the good teeth form, even if they are healthy. Too small, thin, or widely spaced teeth can cause discomfort and have negative effect on self-confidence. Fortunately, modern dentistry can solve this problem quickly with the help of veneers.

Ceramic veneers are thin (about 0.3-0.5 mm) overlays that are attached to the front of the teeth. In this case, the teeth are subjected to minimal processing, and in some cases, they do not need to be dusted. Ceramic veneers have properties similar to the enamel. The color of the veneers can be white, or it can match the color of your teeth.

Veneers are a real salvation for people who take care of their appearance, because the modern world is quite demanding to us in this regard.

The cases when the ceramic veneers are installed:

– broken teeth

– tremas and diastemas

– wedge-shaped defect

– dusted teeth which painfully react to the temperature

– shape of the teeth is naturally disrupted

– old fillings began to change their color

– tetracycline teeth

– fluorosis

– appearing of the effects of the root canal injuries or treatment

The lifetime of ceramic veneers:

Veneers require the same care as the teeth. If you follow the dentist’s recommendations regarding the oral care and veneers care in particular. The beautiful and durable result is guaranteed for you.

Basic rules for the care of veneers:

– every six months you need to come to the clinic for a diagnosis of the design and personal hygiene of the mouth

– follow your doctor’s recommendations to extend your ceramic veneer lifetime

The cost of veneers starts from 150 €

Non-metal ceramics:

Non-metal ceramic dentures is a progressive method of replenishing the teeth row. We offer our patients the material that is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tissues of the tooth. Unique technology allows you to solve the aesthetic problem in the best way. In addition, dentists from all countries agreed that non-metal ceramic dentures are safe and environmentally friendly. Professionally made non-metal ceramics refract light rays just like the tooth enamel.

Types of metal-free ceramics:

Non-metal Emax crowns: the trend of our time! Fully ceramic Emax crowns are made from special blanks that are based on lithium disilicate. They have extraordinary durability and unmatched aesthetics. Not only crowns, but also inlays and veneers can be made using Emax technology.

Advantages of Emax metal-free ceramics:

– beauty: they look very impressive due to the metal absence, which often gives the tooth a grayish tint.

– unique compatibility with the tissues of the oral cavity.

– such crowns do not cause rejection by the body, they are absolutely safe for allergic.

– a wide range of applications.

– excellent performance.

– durability.

The cost of non-metal crowns starts from 150 €

Zirconium crowns:

Oxide or zirconia is the last word in orthopedics. It appeared in dentistry relatively recently and has taken the leading position because of its strengths. The main two advantages of this material are aesthetics and durability.

How zirconia differs from metal-ceramics.

Zirconia is not inferior to metal-ceramics in strength, and unlike metal-ceramics it does not affect the gum adjacent to the crown, and does not cause any discomfort. Often, such structures are applied to the chewing side and used in implant dentures. If these structures are properly looked after, they will serve you a lifetime.

All zirconium structures are manufactured with extreme precision because they are modeled on a CAD CAM system. Imagine you can see this process only at the Royal Dental Clinic.

Advantages of zirconium crowns:

– unlike the metal-ceramic crown in which the metal can be exposed over time, the zirconium crown will always be as white as on the day of cementing.

– Zirconium crowns are fully compatible with soft tissues and promote the gingival growth around the tooth.

– Zirconium crowns are perfectly accurate because they are modeled on a computer using a special ExoCAD program and cut with a CAD CAM machine. This is the most accurate method that exists in the world

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Aesthetic Dentistry in Lviv

Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most complicated branches of dentistry that requires not only a professional but also a creative approach. Each case of artistic restoration of teeth is individual. The specialists of the clinic have the task to restore the features of the damaged tooth.

In addition, tooth restoration is a special technology where special materials are used: composites and compomers. The composites are time tested and durable, they serve during 10-15 years, compomers – relatively new material, known for its aesthetic properties. Benefits are following:

 – Wide range of colors of modern materials allows to choose the most natural color of the restored tooth.

 – The result of tooth restoration is an accurate imitation of the strong natural enamel.

 – During the dental restoration, clinic specialists can adjust their contours, which will make the smile even more attractive.

We also offer tooth building up, the price of which is fully justified by the quality and durability of the result. Crowns and bridges have been used for a long time to mask a damaged tooth. Aesthetic dentistry is characterized by the fact that it uses non-metal technologies. At the same time, it is possible to achieve maximum closeness to the natural appearance of the teeth.

Types of services: veneers, non-metal, zirconium crowns on the teeth

In aesthetic dentistry there are three related concepts: dental restoration, reconstruction and transformation. Its main purpose is to reproduce the tooth row of the natural shape, as well as the properties of the teeth: color, gloss and structure.

There are several options for installing veneers or crowns:

Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic in Lviv

Aesthetic dentistry, first of all is an artistic restoration of the teeth, the purpose of which is a beautiful dazzling smile without the use of dentures. The crowns are secured with professional adhesive materials. They provide stability of fixation. In addition, after the procedure, the patient does not feel the presence of foreign body in the mouth.

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry are not only veneers on the front teeth, the price of which depends on the complexity of the work, but also whitening, shape correction, removal of chips or the turns, removal of the darkened old fillings, removal of too large or narrow intervals, hygiene and professional whitening, etc.

The Royal Dental Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic in Lviv offers the new work formats for those who truly care about their health and beauty. We guarantee not only an individual approach of a whole new level, but also unquestionable quality, reliability and comfort. With us you can easily forget about your fears of dentistry.

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