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Practical and theoretical part for dentists

Transfer Mock Up from 3D model to phantom
preparation of 11; 21 teeth for digital veneers with a microscope
retraction of the gums under intraoral scans
jaw scanning, scan analysis and dissection thickness check
insulation of 11; 21 teeth by cofferdam system
preparation of Emax and Empress veneers for adhesive fixation
cementing 11; 21 veneers


Why 3shape?

digital clone - collection of patient data
basics of digital dentistry. X Y Z coordinates
patient motivation. WOW effect
Smile Design 2D. Golden proportion
correct scanning strategy
life hacks and subtleties of scanning for orthopedic structures
byte scans during total rehabilitation
Emax, Empress, ZrO2. What material is used in which situation?
correct diagnosis of the scan of the turned teeth concerning Wax Up
analysis of Emax and Empress ceramic veneers. Digital manufacturing protocol.

The course is conducted by a team of Royal Dental

specialists Designed for CAD-CAM users, ideal for dentists and technicians planning to invest in CAD-

CAM Date: January 25, 2020 Venue: 11B Heroiv Krut Street, Lviv

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