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Dental Care

Endodontics and restoration at the Royal Dental Clinic are performed at a high level with the state-of-the-art equipment. Sounds corny, right? We will describe it simply and easily.

Dental care is performed by a professional who focuses his work only in this direction.

The best specialist is a person who works in a narrow field, especially in such a meticulous direction as endodontics. Visiograph and endomotor help him. With the help of the visiograph, the doctor is able to see the situation and objectively consider it. The endomotor helps to maximize and fill the canal.

The restoration at the Royal Dental Clinic is also at a high level, thanks to modern materials and dental training at qualified practical courses and seminars. And the most important, close collaboration with dental technicians.

The patient has the opportunity to see many clinical cases (before and after the treatment), to be confident in the professionalism of the Royal Dental team.

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Dental Care in Lviv
Therapeutic treatment of teeth is a whole set of procedures aimed at the treatment and prevention of the dental diseases, as well as the elimination of their negative effects. The main task of therapeutic treatment in dentistry is to fight the carious lesions and the diseases of non-carious origin.
Common problems are following:
– Caries of any degree;
– Pulpitis;
– Periodontitis;
– Tooth sensitivity;
– Wedge-shaped defects;
– Enamel erosion;
– Teeth wear down quickly;
– Diseases caused by improper metabolism and lack of minerals and vitamins.
Caries Treatment, Endodontics (Canal Treatment)
Food leftovers in the oral cavity are the best basis for caries. Therefore, imperfect hygiene is the most common cause of its occurrence. Although not the only one.
Usually, tooth enamel suffers initially, then the lesion deepens and reaches the soft tissues. If you do not stop this process in time, the excessively damaged tooth will have to be extracted. That is why timely examination and treatment is the secret of a healthy smile.
– Caries at an early stage does not require complicated intervention. Simple restoration procedures are enough to rebuild the newly damaged enamel structure.
– Anesthesia is used to treat more complex forms. After that, the destroyed tooth tissues are removed, the necessary area is cleaned and a filling is installed there.
By the aim fillings are divided into:
– Temporary. They are used for temporary cavity isolation when using medications, etc. It is put only in the absence of a threat of pulpitis development. They are made of less durable materials, which allows the doctor to remove the temporary filling easily.
– Permanent. Permanent fillings are made of quality material and put according to all the rules, designed to last for many years and even decades.
The composition of the fillings can be metal with amalgam, phosphate cement, glass ionomer cement, plastic and composite, photopolymer, etc.
A separate category is the inlays, the intermediate link between the fillings and the dentures. These are finished fillings, which the doctor fixes in the cavity with the help of composite material. The principle of use is reminiscent of a crown.
Tooth Restoration in Lviv
The Royal Dental Clinic in Lviv offers a full range of dental restoration and caries treatment services. We use only high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment, professional tools and the best materials.
Therapeutic methods of treatment in most cases involve the removal of damaged tissues and their replacement with artificial materials (filling teeth), remineralization of tooth enamel, mechanical restoration and restoration of damaged teeth, etc. Usually, to eliminate even one problem, different procedures should be combined.
Our doctors can easily cope with problems of any complexity, for adults and children. Endodontics at the Royal Dental Clinic is an individual and step-by-step approach, from diagnosis and counseling to the most complex procedures. To get a perfect smile is much easier now.

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