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Dental Implantation

Implantation is the most promising, relevant and successful branch of dentistry. This is the technology of implanting a titanium cylinder into the bone tissue with subsequent crown placement. It has been successfully practiced for more than one decade.
One of the advantages of this method is the missing tooth replacement without the need for dusting of adjacent healthy teeth (as in the case of bridging dentures). If you lose a whole group of teeth, you can also use dentures on implants, followed by a selection of a variety of structures.
It is the teeth implantation that provides the most durable fixation, the correct distribution of the chewing load, the natural appearance of the teeth and virtually unlimited lifetime.
What types of dental implants are used in Royal Dental.
Globally, there are over 100 different implant systems in use. From the cheap and the most expensive. We have carefully selected the implant systems and concluded that the patient should be able to choose. Therefore, we offer several implant systems. From the average well-proven systems (MISS, Alfa Bio, Bio Horizont) to elite ones like Straumann. Straumann has a number of dental implant systems such as Slactive and Roxolid.

Advantages of the implantation at Royal Dental
1. Licensed implant surgeon who focuses all his power and activities in this direction only.
2. Royal Dental is the first digital clinic in Lviv. With the help of computer equipment, the implants will be positioned in the right places exactly where your future tooth will be placed.
3. Many types of non-metal structures on implants, offered by our 3d laboratory.
4. Reasonably and individually selected structure for each patient. After all, a team of Royal Dental professionals is working on your smile, not the one dentist who doesn’t fully understand how the end result of your design should look like.
The cost of implants starts from $450

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Dental Implantation in Lviv

One of the most popular dental services is dental implantation. Modern implants have nothing to do with outdated dentures, a real nightmare of the past years.

Any orthopedic structures that are installed on the natural teeth will eventually destroy them. Thus, one reconstructed tooth destroys two adjacent teeth. The advantage of implantation is that the lost tooth recovers without any negative impact on the adjacent teeth, keeping the smile healthy and beautiful.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the dental implantation, it is worth mentioning about the oral hygiene. Unlike the usual dentures, implants do not require special care. They can be cleaned like natural teeth, but they are not prone to caries and other diseases. For the care of its neck it is usually enough to use an irrigator.

Tooth Implants: Price and Other Features

Dental implantation has numerous advantages:

 – Tooth reproduction in its natural form. Implant crowns are made individually and are virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth in color, shape and size. This is especially important when it comes to the so-called smile area.

 – Prevention of the bone atrophy. The structure is as close as possible to the shape of a native tooth: it has a root that does not allow the bone to atrophy. The implant provides the same chewing pressure from the inside as the natural tooth, so the jawbone does not lose pressure.

 – Keeping the gums form. Outdated dentures are not capable of providing the natural appearance of the soft tissue. The special shaper that preserves the aesthetics of the gums is used while implantation.

 – No food restrictions. Unlike dentures the implant is virtually indistinguishable from a regular tooth so you can eat any product. In addition, when implanted, the pressure is not transferred to the adjacent supporting teeth.

 – Implantation does not require treatment of the healthy teeth. The placement of dentures always affects the adjacent teeth. When implanted, they are usually not affected at all. There is no need to remove the tooth pulp or dust the tooth.

One of the major issues related to dental implants is pricing. The price of the procedure is fully justified by the quality, reliable and long-lasting result, a radiant smile and no discomfort.

Installation of the Dental Implants in Lviv

The Royal Dental Clinic in Lviv offers a comprehensive approach and professional dental implantation with pre-diagnosis, counseling, dental photography, and future outcome design before the work. Our clinic is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to make the procedure as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Another benefit of the dental implantation is that a quality implant can serve a lifetime. It is necessary to change the crown periodically, but its lifetime is usually about 10 years. Due to the fact that the shape of the jaw does not change, the implants do not need to be adjusted regularly.

We use different types of carefully selected implant systems, from classic MISS, Bio Horizont or Alfa Bio to elite Straumann, Slactive or Roxolid. Exclusive computer equipment ensures the perfect positioning of the future tooth, and an experienced implant surgeon will bring about the most difficult decisions.

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