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Pediatric Dentistry


Children need an individual approach and an individual doctor, with a specialty “pediatric dentist”.

The Royal Dental Clinic offers comfortable, painless treatment and a friendly atmosphere for young patients!

Our services include:

– prevention of children’s caries;

– treatment of baby teeth, including painless filling;

– effective treatment of the oral cavity diseases;

– installation of the structures for teeth straightening (braces, etc.).

Many years of experience, as well as a smiling dentist will be able to find the approach to each child, turning the dental procedure into an exciting game.

The result is healthy teeth and a happy child.

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Pediatric Dentistry in Lviv

Caring parents always try to ensure that the teeth of their child are beautiful and healthy, and subsequently – will not create problems in adulthood.

Even adults often visit dentists only when absolutely necessary. This is unacceptable for the healthy formed body, and even more – for children, whose body systems are only being formed and strengthened.

The parents’ task is to teach the child from the earliest age to perform the proper care of the oral cavity and visit the dentist systematically, even if nothing is troubling. In addition, it is much convenient and cheaper to prevent the problem timely than to treat it later.

It is worth visiting a doctor from the first year, since childhood dental diseases are dangerous with the rapid progress, and sometimes you have to deal with the consequences throughout your life. Therefore, the optimal frequency of visiting a dentist is every three months. Pediatric Dentistry at the Royal Dental Clinic provides all the conditions for this.

Pediatric Surgical Dentistry

The most common childhood problems:

 – Improper occlusion. At the first signs of malocclusion, you should immediately consult an orthodontist. It must be understood that this is not just a cosmetic problem. In the future, this can provoke teeth damages, supporting apparatus and even gums damages. In addition, the crooked teeth are more prone to the diseases, can cause diseases of the jaw joints, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. Dentists recommend to straighten your teeth as early as possible, since this process will take less time.

 – Stomatitis. Several types of stomatitis are united by a common factor that is a childhood illness. The first indicators are white spots or small ulcers of round or oval shape with the inflammation in the mouth. If you have any symptoms, you should contact your dentist immediately. The specialist will determine the type of disease and prescribe the treatment.

 – Caries. The idea that baby teeth do not need to be treated, because they can simply be extracted to let the permanent teeth grow – is fundamentally false. Adjacent teeth begin to shift at emergence of free space, consequently, the permanent tooth may not come through in its place. This leads to disruption of occlusion, facial skeleton, cosmetic defects and problems with pronunciation.

The Royal Dental Clinic has pediatric surgical dentistry, diagnostics, professional cleaning, etc.

Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry Clinic in Lviv

Pediatric Dentistry Royal Dental in Lviv provides a full range of services for the prevention and treatment of caries, the treatment of oral diseases and the installation of systems for teeth straightening.

It is important that the first child’s visits to the dentist do not cause negative emotions. Fortunately, nowadays, there is a chance for a toddler not to get acquainted with the toothache.

Our doctors are always able to find an individual approach to each patient. We use only the state-of-the-art equipment, professional tools and safe materials. All procedures are as comfortable and painless as possible. The Royal Dental specialists will become true friends even for the smallest patients.

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