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Professional Hygiene

Professional hygiene is necessary for everyone. The specialist will tell you after the consultation how often you should do it. Visits to the dentist and professional hygiene will save you from developing of the oral diseases. If you regularly undergo the procedure at the Royal Dental Clinic – your teeth are healthy.

The regularity of prevention procedure ensures its effectiveness. You will not be able to examine the condition of the enamel on your own. After all, the most vulnerable are internal parts of the tooth, those that we find difficult to see in the mirror. Plague appears there the most often. Do not neglect brushing your teeth if you do not want to use dentures, implantation or restorations in advance.

The Royal Dental Clinic offers you two types of professional cleaning: ultrasonic dental cleaning and cleaning with Air Flow.
The cost of oral hygiene starts from 500 UAH

1. Ultrasonic cleaning is performed in 2 stages: ultrasonic cleaning and subsequent polishing of the teeth. This is a traditional procedure. It is performed with the help of a special device – an ultrasonic scaler.
Ultrasonic cleaning provides effective removal of the plaque and the calculus, as well as effective prevention of gum disease and periodontal disease.

2. Dental cleaning with Air Flow
The process is divided into several stages: removal of the dental deposits, grinding, polishing the tooth surface and fluoridation. For this type of cleaning in our Royal Dental center we use the state-of-the-art equipment – the AIR-FLOW professional cleaning machine.
It cleans the enamel from softer deposits, spots and plaque with the help of a stream of particles coming under the pressure from the tip of the tool. These particles not only clean the surface of the tooth, but also polish it. After cleaning with Air Flow, the teeth become smooth and the plaque appears in several times slower.

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Professional Oral Hygiene in Lviv

After ingestion, the leftovers remain on the teeth, they feed the bacteria in the oral cavity. Food and organic bacteria unite and form a plaque. If you don’t clean it timely, it accumulates, solidifies and forms a solid calculus.

The calculus appears in the following cases:

 – Poor nutrition;
– The wrongly chosen toothpaste or brush;
– Improper oral hygiene;
– Constant chewing of food to one side;
– Impaired metabolism;
– Smoking.
Solid deposits injure and cause gum inflammation. You feel a burning sensation, bad breath. The gums begin to bleed. Bacteria are actively developing, calculus increases and penetrates the gums, destroying them.
That is why timely professional dental hygiene is not a whim, but a daily necessity for anyone who is indifferent to their health and beauty.
Types of Services: Ultrasonic and Air Flow Cleaning
There are several basic methods for cleaning your teeth:
– Ultrasonic teeth cleaning. The surface of the enamel is cleaned with a special ultrasonic scaler. The procedure is painless, the enamel is not injured or damaged. The gums and teeth will be securely protected from possible inflammatory processes and caries. Cleaning will remove plaque from teeth and the inaccessible areas of the mouth. At the same time, you can achieve a noticeable whitening. Contraindications are the baby teeth, the presence of dental implants, arrhythmia, asthma, hypersensitive enamel.
– Air Flow cleaning. It’s the hygienic procedure aimed to get rid of pigmented soft plaque quickly and painlessly. The special machine supplies dispersed water jet mixed with powder and air. The effect of such cleaning is not abrasive, but polishing. The doctor treats not only the anterior surface of the tooth, but also gaps and inaccessible places. The presence of crowns or veneers does not interfere with the procedure. Contraindications are bronchitis or asthma, increased sensitivity of tooth enamel. The procedure is painless and mild, and is performed without anesthesia.
Qualitative timely cleaning is the key to freshness and healthy oral microflora. Also, cleaning is the prevention of periodontal disease and preparation for whitening or other procedures.
Professional Dental Calculus Cleaning in Lviv
The Royal Dental Clinic in Lviv offers professional teeth cleaning from plaque, soft and hard deposits, etc. Regular care is the best prevention of caries and serious problems.
During the examination and consultation, our doctors will help you to choose the necessary procedures to achieve the desired result quickly, comfortably and painlessly. The used equipment and technologies comply with European standards and requirements.
Professional oral hygiene will help to:
– Get rid of calculus;
– Remove stains from coffee, tea and tobacco;
– Give your teeth a natural white color and smoothness;
– Get rid of bacteria and protect your teeth from caries.
We use only professional equipment to ensure that all services are not only efficient but also as comfortable as possible. With the Royal Dental Clinic, it’s easy to forget about the fear of dentists and finally get the dreamy, perfect radiant smile.

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