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The main task of the specialists at the Royal Dental Clinic is to keep the teeth healthy, with the help of the above-mentioned modern manipulations in our clinic, but in some cases the tooth cannot be restored so surgery should be performed.

Surgical treatment is performed in the case the teeth cannot be saved and restored.

We will ensure the highest level of your safety and comfort during surgery thanks to modern equipment, a high level of sterilization and certified materials.

We perform all kinds of outpatient operations:

– dental surgery

– partial removing of the infected root

– extraction of the part of the tooth with the root

– removing of the cyst over the apex of the root

– painless removing of the wisdom tooth

– surgical correction of frenulum of lips and tongue

Believe that dental surgery in the modern world is completely painless and adequate for the patient. Many patients who turn to us with the big fear of surgery, after the intervention, dramatically change their mind about dentistry as a whole, imposed from an early age.

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