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Teeth Straightening

Orthodontics is a branch of dental science which is aimed at correcting the occlusion.
Today it is one of the most popular and promising areas in the aesthetic dentistry.
At the Royal Dental Clinic, an orthodontist will select an individual tooth straightening system for you or your child. After all, we have a specialist working with children – a children’s orthodontist. If you are unable to persuade your child to straighten his teeth, bring him to us.
Our doctor is able to get along with even the “patients of principle”.
The Royal Dental Clinic is a quality and aesthetic orthodontics.

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Teeth Straightening for Children and Adults in Lviv

Caring for a smile is not just a matter of aesthetics. Improper occlusion can affect dental health and cause the problems with the temporomandibular joint. Modern technologies for the correction of such defects produce stunning results and are absolutely safe.

Improper occlusion can occur for many reasons, such as genetics, everyday habits, and tooth injuries. Genetically, the defects such as the absence of some teeth or their wrong order can be transmitted. If the baby’s jaw is too small, there is not enough room for teeth and they start pushing each other. Even the loss of a tooth in adulthood often leads to the defects over time: the adjacent teeth move to take up space.

There is even the classification of different anomalies of occlusion. The upper teeth may protrude, the displaced midline, the clumping of teeth or their sparseness, the strong protrusion of the upper or lower teeth row, the changed growth direction or position of an individual tooth etc.

Types of Tooth Braces: Ceramic and Sapphire Braces

It is certainly possible to correct the crooked teeth, but the method of correction will depend on the type of the anomaly and the severity of the problem. There are cases that require surgery. However, usually braces or other systems are enough. All of them are conventionally classified into long-wearing or removable systems, such as aligners.

Braces are small plates that are attached to the teeth with a special glue and connect each other with a metal archwire. There are several basic types of braces:

– Metal braces. They are the most affordable, but less aesthetic. Though they provide a minimum friction between the archwire and the groove and cope with straightening more quickly.

– Ceramic braces. They are more expensive, but more aesthetic. Thanks to special ceramic overlays, such braces are invisible. They adopt the color of the enamel, but are not stained with food. The main advantage is durability. Such braces are almost impossible to damage or crack accidentally. Due to this, they are easier to remove after the end of treatment.

– Sapphire braces. Durable and transparent, they are perfect for owners of the white enamel.

There are also lingual braces that are installed inside of the teeth, ligature-free systems, special veneers, special retainers for children, aligners and silicone trainers.

Services of an Orthodontist in Lviv

The Royal Dental Clinic in Lviv offers a wide range of dental renewing and restoration services. It includes the services of a professional orthodontist who will perform a preliminary diagnosis, help you to choose the best solution to the problem and perform all the necessary procedures.

Improper occlusion can cause much more serious problems than just aesthetic ones. They believe that the crooked teeth are more prone to damage, more often provoke gum diseases, lead to difficulties while chewing, pain in the facial and jaw muscles, pronunciation problems, etc. in such cases the teeth retainer becomes a real salvation.

Our doctors will choose the teeth straightening system for adults and children. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and guarantee not only perfect quality, but also the maximum comfort. It is easy to get rid of the fear of dentists with the Royal Dental Clinic experts. Your smile will always be bright, radiant and perfect.

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