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Even naturally healthy teeth are rarely white. Society highly appreciates a really beautiful white smile. That is why teeth whitening has become one of the most popular procedures in aesthetic dentistry.
If not all, but most people want to have a beautiful and alluring smile. Though many people are afraid that the whitening will damage the enamel. The Royal Dental Clinic will provide you with a safe and reliable whitening.
Our center is equipped with the most modern in Lviv Beyond Polus Advanced accelerator. This is the latest development in the field of teeth whitening, which not only doesn’t damage the teeth, but doesn’t affect them.
For a good and long-lasting result, professional dental hygiene is performed before the whitening session at the Royal Dental Clinic, which is necessary to remove caries defects, hard and soft deposits.
The result of whitening is noticeable immediately after the procedure. To maintain teeth whiteness, one Royal Dental whitening procedure with Beyond Polus Advanced is enough.
You and others will enjoy your beautiful white teeth for a long time.
The cost of teeth whitening starts from 3 500 UAH

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Teeth Whitening in Lviv
Everyone at least periodically dreams of a white smile. Though in the past such dreams were not destined to come true and existing procedures were expensive and harmful, there are many safe options now. And the price of the teeth whitening is much more affordable now.
Methods of teeth whitening in dentistry can be divided into two main groups:
– Professional. It is carried out with the help of special devices and exclusively by a doctor at the clinic. It is faster. The result is usually noticeable after one procedure. In addition, it is more explicit and lasts longer.
– Home whitening. It is carried out on your own, according to the doctor’s directions. Usually these are more delicate methods, but in order to achieve the result you will have to perform the procedures systematically over time.
The professional whitening procedure is carried out in several stages:
– Initial examination. The doctor performs a preliminary diagnosis, examines the condition of the teeth and the enamel, identifies all the factors that can affect the treatment, and helps to choose the safest and most effective way.
– The result. The intensity of whitening may be different, so achieving the desired result is extremely easy now.
– Further treatment. As a rule, no further procedures are required. If the whitening is done correctly, there won’t be any problems. The next scheduled examination in six months is enough.
– Prevention. To slow down the appearance of plaque, it is recommended not to use food and drinks which can stain your teeth, not to abuse drinking coffee and smoking.
Types of Teeth Whitening at The Royal Dental Clinic
Teeth whitening, which price depends on the type of procedure, is performed by different systems. Just a few of them are mentioned below:
– Photo whitening. Special UV lamps are used, which light affects the previously applied enamel gel. There is a chemical reaction that illuminates the enamel. Benefits – it is painless and has long-lasting results.
– Laser teeth whitening. The principle is similar, but the reaction of the gel occurs under the influence of a laser ray. The advantage is the speed of the procedure. But it should be performed only by a professional to avoid damaging or breaking the enamel. Because of the less exposure time, the laser is safer than the UV lamp. Experts note that laser teeth whitening can be performed during the pregnancy and for young mothers.
– Chemical teeth whitening. This procedure is also carried out in the clinic. In the case of chemical teeth whitening, a special gel is applied to the teeth under the kappa. The similar but less active and more delicate gel is also used for home whitening.
– Ultrasonic teeth whitening. It is a safe procedure that completely preserves the integrity of the enamel. The power of the ultrasonic machine is individually adjusted.
There is also internal whitening for the filled teeth that have started to darken, home kappas, special pastes, etc.
Price of Teeth Whitening in Lviv
The Royal Dental Clinic in Lviv offers professional teeth whitening using a state-of-the-art Beyond Polus Advanced accelerator, which not only doesn’t damage the enamel, but also has no effect on the condition of the teeth, except the color restoration.
An integrated approach also involves professional hygiene, cleaning, deposits and caries defects removal. The result is easy to evaluate right after one procedure.
The Royal Dental Clinic – it is the latest standards, exclusive equipment and professional, highly specialized doctors. It is easy to get rid of the fear of procedures with us and even easier to get the perfect radiant smile.

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